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Chora of Andros is different from the other capitals of the Cyclades. It is full of neoclassical houses and mansions built by famous captains in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These mansions show the intense economic development of the place at that period. In Chora of Andros, you will find two squares: the first one is surrounded by many cafes, bistros, and pastry shops and is built of large slabs. Its charming image reaches its perfect completion with the huge plane tree that gives it its shade. The second square is paved with exquisite marble and you will find there the famous statue of the island, the Unknown Sailor, (Afanis Naftis in Greek).
The Unknown Sailor is a symbol of Andros. It is the creation of Michael Tombrou and has been dominating the square since 1959. The statue stood, invincible by time and weather until 30 April 2001, when a strong wind blew it down. Fortunately, it was not particularly damaged and with proper care, it returned to its place. It is a legendary monument, which attracts many visitors every year to see it.

"Next to Vassiliki Studios starts hiking trail 2, one of the most beautiful routes of the island!"

Chora, Andros - Beaches

Of course, Chora of Andros has some of the best beaches on the island nearby. First of all, Neiborio, which is less than a 5-minute walk from Vassiliki Studios, will enchant you. Its location is on the left of Chora just a few meters from the main shopping street. The excellent sandy beach, as well as the fact that it is not easily hit by the winds, make it an excellent choice for families with children.
On the other hand, Paraporti is an equally beautiful beach with wilder waters. It is also very close to Vassiliki Studios, around a 10-minute walk. It is a long beach with lots of sand and tamarisk trees offering shade and the Great River that flows into it, which originates from Stavropeda.
Finally, Gialia, is a little further away from the previous ones, will offer you great summer moments. It is ideal for when there is a windy day, as the pebbles cannot be lifted like sand. On the road, above the sea there is also plenty of parking space. 

The artistic side of the island

Andros Chora is also the reason for the island's artistic reputation, as there are many important museums, which are visited by many tourists every year. It is worth mentioning the Archaeological Museum of Andros, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Maritime Museum.
The first one was founded in 1981 and houses the important collection of the geometric settlement of Zagora. The second one was inaugurated two years earlier, in 1979. Finally, the Maritime Museum was founded in 1972, offering the visitor a journey to the old days of Greek shipping.
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